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Beata Ciaston

My Zodiac Series is a window into my interpretation of each of the 12 Western/Greek Zodiac signs. The 4 signs (Capricorn, Pisces, Libra and Sagittarius) depict each of the 4 elements, and are mostly done traditionally; with graphite and ink, and then are digitally enhanced to create the depth and dimension of the finished pieces. 

Libra illustration Beata Ciaston

digital multimedia zine

independent publisher

community for emerging artists

Capricorn illustration Beata Ciaston
Picses illustration Beata Ciaston
Saggitarius illustration Beata Ciaston

Since before she could read or write, Beata Ciastoń was enthralled by artistic endeavors. Growing up in the beautiful East Bay Area of San Francisco, she loved to get lost in intricate fantastic worlds in her mind, and she started to express as illustrations at just 4 years old.

Inspired by other fantasy works by people such as Tolkien, Rowling, and many more, at 17 she enrolled in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she graduated with a degree in Illustration. 

Her interests in a variety of subjects and styles speaks through in her work, as many of her recent pieces have a fantastical theme with mythological, historical and sometimes even arcane, and esoteric overtones. 

She typically works with traditional mediums, (like graphite, charcoal and watercolors,) and will sometimes blend her original drawings with digital elements. 

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