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Multimodal Poetry by Cea
(Constantine Jones)

[ Ruins.In.Progress. ] is an ongoing multimodal poetry project—a kind of living document of my experience navigating healthcare systems as an HIV+ person in a “post-epidemic” America, while also exploring the kinship I feel towards the daily decay & remaking of urban construction sites. By pairing instant film photographs of these sites (whose composition I can only partially control) with poems where ancient Greek personas roam the modern streets of Brooklyn, I hope to find a language that faithfully renders an emotional landscape of disorientation—one where the past is always overtaking the present. 

[ cloudy sunday ] 1.jpg

Cea // (Constantine Jones) is an interdisciplinary Greek-American thingmaker raised in Tennessee & housed in Brooklyn. Their practice is collaborative in nature & rooted at the intersections of HIV/AIDS futurity / archival as cultural care-work / poetry as catalyst for social instigation.You can follow the project on Instagram @storiesandnoise .

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