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Art by Christa Rijneveld

"It’s been three years since I quit modelling. It was a job I really liked; a job I invested a lot in. It gave me the opportunity to live in different places, meet interesting people, and step into a different persona every day. It was the creative part of the job that I liked the most. After quitting and moving away, I definitely felt a creative void. And soon that’s where the drawing came in. 

"A couple of months ago I came across my old photos, and I thought it would be interesting to incorporate some of them in my drawings. I wanted to experiment by adding lines. I wanted to see whether this additional layer would give it an extra dimension, or whether it would make it flat. Whether it would enhance or distract. Play around and see what happens.

"I like that I was able to merge two chapters of my life in one project. Past and present, both important at different times. To me this is very exciting, but scary, and the most personal project I’ve done so far."

Christa Rijneveld draws mountains, real or imaginary. With hand drawn lines and circles she tries to create intricate patterns and shapes. She likes contrast. Simple, straightforward concepts with flowy lines. A monochromatic palette, but complex patterns and precise detail. 


She grew up on a Dutch dairy farm drawing from a young age. From early on, and inspired by her art teacher mother, drawing served as a great outlet. At the age of eighteen, Christa applied to art school, and didn’t get in. After that, she wouldn’t touch any art supplies for years. She studied literature at Utrecht University and started travelling for her modelling job. In 2015 she decided to leave her life in Europe behind and move to a small town in British Columbia, Canada. The hustle and bustle was replaced by the stillness of the scenery: the mountains. It was something totally new.

Not long after the move she started drawing again, and fell back in love with it. And she had found her ideal subject in the colossal beauty of her surroundings. 

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