Multimodal Poetry by Constantine Jones

[ Ruins.In.Progress. ] is an ongoing multimodal poetry project—a kind of living document of my experience navigating healthcare systems as an HIV+ person in a “post-epidemic” America, while also exploring the kinship I feel towards the daily decay & remaking of urban construction sites. By pairing instant film photographs of these sites (whose composition I can only partially control) with poems where ancient Greek personas roam the modern streets of Brooklyn, I hope to find a language that faithfully renders an emotional landscape of disorientation—one where the past is always overtaking the present. 

[ cloudy sunday ] 1.jpg

Constantine Jones is a queer Greek-American thingmaker raised in Tennessee & currently housed in Brooklyn. He teaches creative writing at the City College of New York. His work has found homes in The PEN Poetry Series, Blood Tree Literature, Fugue, Ered Condition Zine, & has been performed at various venues across the city. You can follow the project on Instagram @storiesandnoise .