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Dia Knight

"Duality Pt 2" • Oil pastel on Bristol paper • 19x24 • 2021 •

My art is a reflection of myself. And that reflection sways back and forth between the endearingly tender and the viscerally grotesque.

My art is delivered to you in a sweet, bright, pseudo-realistic package filled with depraved, disgusting, filthy thoughts alongside joyful, loving, cheerful memories and yearnings.

My art is my life. My pieces are my children. I've delivered them through paper and canvas by way of oil pastels, acrylic paint, pens and pencils. 

While women's/femme's biggest fear when first meeting a man from an is being murdered, a man's biggest fear when first meeting a woman/femme off the internet is that they'll be FAT. Well, here I am. Your worst nightmare. Living happily. Engaging in depravity. Loving my deplorable, grotesque, adorable self. And it's my pleasure to both shock + comfort you. To disturb + ease you into something that feels strange, foul... yet oddly familiar. 

I like making art for people like me. Those who struggle to be noticed and loved wholly. Those who get told time and time again we cannot be loved as our entire selves. That we're too loud, too proud and too much. Those of us who are underrepresented and deemed demonic. For those of us who are new to receiving and accepting affection and care.

I want to make art that teaches you something about yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. 

I want to make art that brings your emotions to a boil and sets your heart on fire.

digital multimedia zine

independent publisher

community for emerging artists

Dia Knight is a Puerto Rican born and displaced artist and performer bouncing around the US since 2010 and currently stationed in Seattle, WA since Jan 2020.


Dia's a college dropout, an entertainer, a misfit, a caretaker, a companion and above all, a lover of the arts and an artist. 


Dia hopes their art will bring joy, hope & occasionally the right amount of disgust.

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