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Painting by Erin Stagg

“I grew up with nature being my safe space. Now, I want to give other people a glimpse into the everyday beauty that you can find in our exceptional country.” 


Erin Stagg was raised in the small village of Fort St. James, BC, and found solace in nature at an early age. As a young girl, she spent hours alone in her corner of the forest. She encountered bears alone in the forest, made art in the middle of an airstrip, and slept under the stars next to the fire. Erin attended university where she studied botany and physical geography. After university, she pursued a job typical of her degree and found herself listless and unhappy. She turned back to art, and has been a full-time artist for 4 years living in Prince George, BC.

Erin Stagg is a self-taught acrylic painter, best known for her lively landscape paintings of British Columbia. Erin’s goal with her art is to show an intimate look at our land, to hopefully inspire others to find a love and respect for nature. 

Erin can be found on Instagram @erinstaggart 

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