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Andrew Rader Hanson

Beach Cosmology

Let the sun-tanned skin

bronze to the light

as the sand extracts

a strange movement of sinew

from each step, the shifting tryst, 

the symposiums between the waves

and the sands that distill

Iliads in the slink

of the starfish, 

its improvisatory limbs,

that receive the odd rock,

the eddying sands, the waterlogged

carcass, anything caught

in its calcified skin–

Andrew Rader Hanson lives in South Florida and, in his free time, takes photos, hikes, lifts weights, and reads history and philosophy. His work has been accepted by Clackamas Literary Review, Midway Journal, Spectrum Literary Journal, and more. He was also selected as a finalist for the Key West Literary Seminar’s Scotti Merril Poetry Award. Follow him on Twitter @drewdles305, where he talks shop and posts some of his photos.

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