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Jake Sheff

The Seagull’s Fortieth Seguidilla

The dead offend me only

By their stench. No more

Can their opinions stencil

Shades which I abhor. 

With prowess halfway 

Swallowed by the jaws of joy,

Swallows swallow jays. 

The Seagull’s Forty-Second Seguidilla 

To cure my kleptomania

I keep a diet

Of cigarette butts. Earthworms 

Keep the earth quiet. 

Woe to him that eats

A dangling modifier

Cooked in gull debates. 

The Seagull’s Fifty-Fourth Seguidilla 

Some say, among our mortal 

Acts, forgiveness is 

The most divine, while others 

Say love’s awesomesauce, 

But I maintain it’s

The mouthfeel and finish of

Gull justice that fits. 

The Seagull’s Fifty-Sixth Seguidilla 

Sweetness is the creature in

Her eyes, about their

Sockets rolling. Sweetness loves

Drinking salt water. 

Riding a griffin,

Knowledge can turn a seagull 

Into a puffin. 

Jake Sheff is a pediatrician and veteran of the US Air Force. He's married with a daughter and crazy bulldog. Poems and short stories of Jake’s have been published widely. A full-length collection of formal poetry, “A Kiss to Betray the Universe,” is available from White Violet Press. He also has two chapbooks: “Looting Versailles” (Alabaster Leaves Publishing) and “The Rites of Tires” (SurVision).

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