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Kim Acrylic

The Incurable

 There will be a recall. A cancellation of your untimely glorious death.


You will be delivered upon recycled grace. An elegance without haste.


To begin again, you are lurched unto the unfortunate ghastly nurturers.


Uniformed in nauseous green, you plug your ears with the sound of bones breaking.


Disguised in disease, your vomit tastes of forbidden alphabet soup in poetry form. 


Playing Chinese jump rope with frayed umbilical cords, faceless children begin to gather. 


You are eternally incurable. 

Baby's - Breath

I lie here drooling hypercolor spit from my blood thinning smile. 


Legendary smoke stains on the burnt popcorn ceiling of my eager eyes. 


I cry like the rotten blooms of Baby's Breath woven around my crooked spine. 


My mentholated voice spews about unintelligible fevered wishes from within. 


This fear-stained glass heart failure shatters like irregular iced sugar remnants. 


End stage love affair dances only on the inevitable death bed of hospice. 


Will there be an afterworld? 

Retired Star

She smells of recalled passion and sickness... 


Allergic to lust, she feigns wasted sexuality. 

She could never lose…


Her virginity is submerged in a violent quicksand…


Dissolves like caustic poison at the bottom of a cup. 

She devours… 


All of her fictitious fascinations in one flawless victory… 

Marches to a punch drunk flavor.


Dusty pink shoes dance her to the androgynous… moon, sun, and thunder… 

Fire, tears, and rain… 


She's a retired star now. 

Kimber Acrylic, from Seattle Washington is a Poet/Painter /Recording Artist/indie Music Journalist, who dedicated her life to poetry at age 15. Since then she has published four volumes of poetry and finally an anthology of everything she has written in the book "The Myth Behind All Truth" She has worked for several online music and poetry magazines including Punk Globe, The Battered Suitcase and the Reviewer Magazine.She has been published in several anthologies and Blogs including Little Episode's first volume of poetry "Back In 5 Minutes" Along side the likes of Sadie Frost, Clint Catalyst , Lucy Barat, Charlie Sheen and Michael Madsen. She also collaborated post-death with Andy Warhol for the New Britain Museum Of Modern Art by writing a poem inspired by his painting of Manray for the book "Visions, Voices, and verses" She has been pushed in several anthologies from The Nation Beat Poetry Foundation. She has had her art featured in the book Headstreams, by musician Chris Corner of the band IAMX and Sneaker Pimps. As of to date, Kim has two  CDs out "Fan Fare Melt Down" and an E.P "Techno Eyes" She continues to collaborate to this day with artists all over the world. 

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