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Maria Kornacki

Note: This is a brief first look at a series of handmade erasures I’d like to compile into a nice-sized collection that I can also possibly accompany with a typed version. 


First, I knew I wanted to do something handmade. It made sense with erasures because originally, it required circling certain words from the original text (in this case was the hybrid book Bluets by Maggie Nelson). I let the words on the original text guide me as I went down the page and circled what stood out to me. I was also conscious of what sounded interesting in terms of an actual poem when read together. 

These are simple scans directly from the printout of the original text. Most of the erasures in this collection are just colored pencil with some cutouts. Some even include my own art! To add more uniqueness, I wanted some to be completely colored versus just ending in the margins after the text as several erasures do. The color blue is the main focal point throughout most of my erasures in this collection. Overall, I use the same set of colors to keep it more thematic and let the minimal colors speak for themselves. The erasures can be read individually, but they also loosely connect. They relate naturally, so I wasn’t too concerned about creating a “story” during the process.

Blue Eyes Sea Life in a Color That Can Drown & Calm
Blue Eyes Sea Life in a Color That Can Drown & Calm.jpg
A (Hand) Dyeing Love Looks Like
A (Hand) Dyeing Love Looks Like, mixed media art by Maria Kornacki
Writing Essentially Not to Kill
Writing Essentially Not to Kill, mixed media art by Maria Kornacki
The Butterfly Effect: Blank Stare, Averted Gaze, A Void The Blues & It Begins Again
The Butterfly Effect Blank Stare, Averted Gaze, A Void The Blues & It Begins Again.jpeg

Maria is an international adoptee from Brazil that has called Michigan home since a baby. She holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Michigan University. An artist and poet, Maria’s latest poetry has recently been published or is forthcoming in Anti-Heroin Chic, SIAMB!, Strange Horizons, Breadfruit Mag, Feral: A Journal of Poetry And Art,& elsewhere. Maria’s first chapbook will be published by Ethel Zine’s Micro Press in December ‘23. Maria is an “It List” Writer for

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