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Eduardo Cruz

Complex Pt I

Internal, external. I’ve been here the whole time.
Paternal, maternal, what I make is mine.
Never would they’ve known, nor did they see.
How complex this life could be.

Complex Pt I by Eduardo Cruz Photography
Level Pt I

The choice, a decision, the signs,
a premonition.
I can't sit on this idea of precision.
Allow the walk and step away.
What you look for in others
will determine the fate.

Level Pt I
 by Eduardo Cruz Photography
Introspective Pt III

Not looking back? Historical analysis. At peace with it all. Regrets are the weight tied to your waist, that makes you sink. The Atlantic Ocean.

Introspective Pt III by Eduardo Cruz Photography

Born in Tucson, AZ and living in Seattle, WA, Eduardo Cruz is able to connect with his artistic side through erotic themes and thrive in a neighborhood that embraces gay queerness. Through curiosity and playfulness, Eduardo makes crochet cock rings, takes monochromatic photography with heartfelt poetry, uses 3D software to create abstracts and moody visuals, and illustrates often to draw wacky sketches. He is deeply inspired by classical music, Blue Hawaii (Musician), and Rainier Beer.

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