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Rizzy Simmons

I'm not a particularly avid bike rider but I accidentally always have at least three bikes in my basement. I have been wanting to build up a bike myself, tinkering in the basement. I just happened to find the perfect project frame in my neighborhood left out behind some trash cans. I got some wheels from a goodwill bike, re-ran the cables, cleaned everything up, and made it rideable (with help from friends and a lot of YouTube videos). It was a fun and whimsical project that I was excited to gift to my best friend.

I took off work most of the year 2022 to recover from surgery, so this was a special project for me during some of that down time. It felt good to be up and moving around and to be making something out of nothing. It was also a good warm up to getting back to work in the engine room and back out to sea. 

Rizzy is a merchant mariner currently at sea working on a container ship. When home he loves thrift shopping, walking/biking around the city, and trying to befriend the neighborhood crows and squirrels (they love pistachios). Rizzy is queer and trans masculine and he loves the friends and community he found in Seattle. He is a cofounder of Stone Pacific Zine and served as Assistant Curator for Issues ONE, TWO, THREE, and FIVE. 

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