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Taylor Turner

Film self-portraiture has allowed me to get to know my body in ways I had previously not known- specifically relating to my sexual and queer identity. These are intimate moments within the privacy of my home that I otherwise do not share- and thus do not tend to pay much attention to. To give notice to my body within my space of comfort through the lens of manual photography is to see how I present my body versus how I feel in my body. The discrepancies are revealing, and they encourage me to seek a deeper understanding of how I am perceived by others versus how I perceive myself. Additionally, I believe there is a heightened sense of performance in front of the camera that does not occur in digital photography. There isn’t the option of immediately viewing pictures captured by manual film, and only after my roll is developed do I truly understand how choices of presenting myself translate to the viewer. Through this delayed form of capture, I am interested in highlighting these performances as a sexual body and a queer body.
Taylor Turner self portrait 5
Taylor Turner self portrait 1
Taylor Turner self portrait 6
Taylor Turner self portrait 7
Taylor Turner self portrait 2
Taylor Turner self portrait 3
Taylor Turner self portrait 4

Taylor is a queer poet and a visual artist living in Tucson, Arizona. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015.

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