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Andrew Rader Hanson

The Warehouses Manufacture Thirst—

A busted, long-rusted parking meter

battens on the wet Oregon air

and to the south where the feathered

eucalyptus snags the beach 

like the chiseled rainbow that once exiled

the Chumash to the Channel islands,

as the cities calcified to dry bone, surveilled

to sheer nakedness, the warehouses manufacture thirst—

City Song

Pigeons limp into the park

sired by the city

& its thick smogs

unwind slowly

at the foot of rose bushes

that rise in green gyres

bend at the stems

as they bear 

their red-flecked

dreams of death.

Andrew Rader Hanson lives in South Florida and, in his free time, takes photos, hikes, lifts weights, and reads history and philosophy. His work has been accepted by Clackamas Literary Review, Midway Journal, Spectrum Literary Journal, and more. He was also selected as a finalist for the Key West Literary Seminar’s Scotti Merril Poetry Award. Follow him on Twitter @drewdles305, where he talks shop and posts some of his photos.

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