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Arun Jeetoo

Fuck Your Tinder Bio, Show Me Your Desktop Computer Home Screen

Who do you spread across all four corners?

How long has your gaze incarcerated them?


They say that the colour of your theme matches your soul,

But are you committed to clashing colours? 


I want to know the titles you give your files 

And the average size per single file,

How much space is left in your cloud? 


Empty all your paper secrets from your recycling bin 

And read them out to me like a difficult confession. 


They say your choice of internet browser can tell a lot about a person,

Just don’t be a Microsoft Edge bro or a Safari pick me girl.


What apps does your cursor neglect to touch? 

Who craves your attention more during the working week—

Microsoft Teams or Zoom? 


What moving images or patterns fill your mind 

when your computer has been idle for a long time?

Arun Jeetoo is a poet and educator from London, UK. His words appear in The London Reader, CivicLecister’s Black Lives Matter Anthology, 3 of Cups Press and The Best New British and Irish Poets 2019-2021. His debut pamphlet I Want to Be the One You Think About at Night was published by Waterloo Press (2020). Instagram @G2poetry.  

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