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Bernadette Martonik


Where is my receipt for the sky?
I found him on an airplane on the
way home from Morocco,
all voice and eyes
but not for sale.
Trying not to want can feel like building
a stone wall,
a fortress,
every rock a burden.
Sometimes you want a Jesus, man
but the universe gives you a Buddha
and you don’t know what to do
so you can’t do anything at all.
Look at this wall and tap it for structure,
wishing it would resonate,
wishing rocks had heart beats
wishing this quaking foundation
would crack open
and swallow me already.

Bernadette Martonik has writing in Allium Journal, Alien Buddha Press, Boats Against The Current, Pink Plastic House, Voice Lux Journal and others. She lives in Seattle where she can keep an eye on the Puget Sound from her kitchen window.

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