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Daniel W.K. Lee


a windowpane once
a shotgun once
mylar apology balloon once
green Marshall Field’s shopping bag once
bone chill once
the brine once
summer gazpacho once
a blue shirt with rolled sleeves on the floor once
standard once
sip once
frame once
gravel once
excuse once
fade once
port of call once
Palestine once
tongue-in-ear once
uninterrupted steam room once
blue movie once
1995 once
venison & gratin once
handcuffed once
power ballad once
four-point play once
1787 Chateau Margaux down the pant leg once
discount department store clothes once
midnight itch once
glissade from the summit once
Met Gala once
razor shave once
camouflage in naked light once
the human shore once
salted duck yolk once
the older one once
reason to stay once
Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot hustler once
knocking down the 7-10 split once
sequined once
stay of execution once
put on once
Pearl River Delta once
death row meal once
button smasher once
decanted once

howl once
calla lilies once
crowbar once
His Grace once
asylum once
fried frog legs once
Belmont Rocks once
an open fly once
right swipe once
jackknife once
avenged once
tall glass of yes once
post-season once
tenderized once
solar flare once
Starry Night once
chicken and andouille once
“Ma baby” by Miss Yvonne next door once
the crease once
tail-pinched, head-sucked once
New York without scaffolding once
New Orleans without potholes once
Rex once
regret sex once
the recipe once
all things once
but yours once

Daniel W.K. Lee (李華強) is a third-generation refugee, queer, Cantonese American born in Kuching, Malaysia. He earned his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at The New School, and his debut collection of poetry, Anatomy of Want, was published by QueerMojo/Rebel Satori Press in 2019. When not ticking off items off his bucket list, Daniel might be found working on his next two poetry manuscripts in his home in New Orleans with his head-turning whippet Camden. Find out more about him at, join his Patreon at or follow him: @strongplum on Instagram / @danielsaudade on Twitter.

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