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Eric Acosta and Peter Nelson King

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This was recorded live on Sept 28 2022 at Underbelly in Pioneer Square. I recorded it with my phone. It was the first time me and Peter collaborated, and the first time bringing music into the unreading series. This collab  inspired me to keep experimenting with the "poetry reading" format.

I asked Peter to do this with me. Peter had mentioned rehearsing, which I didn't want to do. I did send them the poems beforehand, as they requested. Peter's comfortable either in a more traditional playing environment, or as an experimenter, so I knew we were good just going up. 

I like my performances to be as improv and on the spot as possible. It opens  the raw primal generative energy --  this pure potentiality living essence which un folds out of   the all and is all behind all  that "an" allows one in to work out along out in side in    an effort    to  in an art. A drawing  from the well   of. Creating this way is undoing.  Is  be-ing.   Embodied verb exist as "an" in phrase phases profusely proliferate emergent emergence remergin. 

Eric M Acosta is a poet living in Seattle. He runs the Unpoetry unreading series, happening every second Saturday at Bulldog News & Café, and every last Wednesday at Underbelly.

Find more at, or  IG @bottle_meat. You can find more unpoetry at


You can find more of Peter's music at

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