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Zack Orsborn

God said bend over

I tried to grasp noxious nothing: the universe showing me a tree branch that looked like an arm

hugging the void of gray morning, rhapsodies of birds, feet on gravel, crunching while I unfold a

new music in me. A purpose. Fingers on keys, digesting melodies, songs born in my mother’s womb,

volumes turned up that I tuned out—no more. 


God said bend over: I clawed through soil, made friends with worms, learned the meaning of mud,

stopped to clean my fingernails, sculpted with the mess, further further further, until I was on the

other side of the world, a myth only if you’ve never gotten past the earth’s molten core. Now I’m

flipped upside down, covered in dirt, and God says—I will heal your aching back.


I DON'T SEEK (18x24, Mixed Media on Wood) by Zack Orsborn
(18x24, Mixed Media on Wood)
Zack Orsborn

Zack Orsborn is a queer artist and writer in Memphis who makes multimedia art pieces and writes speculative fiction. Zack's work explores color, the inner child, psychology, intertwining narratives, and personal history.

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