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Painting by Jasmin Pannu

"The Wildlife Collection was created to draw similarities between the human and the animal condition by featuring symbolic animals that we can relate to. The purpose of the connection between the illustrated emotion, like in 'Alekos, the Gorilla', or the spiritual undertone of 'Spirit Animal,' is to increase human empathy and relatability to their creature counterparts. 


My signature artwork style, as highlighted in The Wildlife Collection, draws inspiration from South Asian and African cultural patterns. I’ve borrowed the hyper-detailed intricacy from the first art I ever learned, henna. I’ve found that this creates a visually stimulating aesthetic with hypnotic patterns that are bold, memorable and particularly interesting.

You’ll find that all of my work as a multi-disciplinary artist is connected by one central philosophy: to challenge, to create and to transform. The symbols of this are within my signature- a reminder that the philosophy is as relevant to my art process as it is my final works of art."

Jasmin is a multi-disciplinary artist with ~60 publicly displayed murals in the Toronto Area and 200 originals and prints sold worldwide from her original art series, ‘Wildlife Collection’ and ‘Cheat Codes.’


Just over a year ago, Jasmin left corporate marketing to pursue the arts full-time. Since then, her artworks that range from ink illustrations to canvas paintings, murals and henna art, have appeared on CBC Arts, Breakfast Television and featured by prevalent art authorities like Huffington Post Arts and Sharpie. 


Jasmin has also had the prestigious honours of having her art exhibited at the likes of the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Royal Ontario Museum. 


You can find her artwork here, and follow her journey on Instagram @JasminPannu 

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