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Art by Jordie Guasch

"Like many other artists, I have been creating art since I could terrorize my parent's painted walls. When I was 17 I got my first expensive set of watercolors and paper while I was wandering the romantic streets of Paris. Winsor Newton had opened a world of bright colors to me that I had never had the pleasure to work with when I had my hobby paints. My favorite style is heavily inspired by Marion Bolognesi and I love how the combination of colors I can apply to a portrait can both give my viewers the ability to clearly identify the subject but also give the piece a detached, otherworldly feel. I believe I would call this point in my life the Yellow Period because it is a color that elicits a warm, euphoric feeling from me and it is a color I go to pan on over and over again."

Jorjiane "Jordie" Guasch was born and raised in Hawaii, went to the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York, and is now living in Long Beach, California. She works aboard a cruise ship as a navigational officer and plans on pursuing a career where her art can take the wheel in the future.

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