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Sexain for Him

shotgun apartment

stand in kitchen

watch Him across

living | work rooms

change bedsheets

our 3x sex last night


this after I made

biscuits and gravy

after previous

thursday canceled

but before our 3

month farewell


He asks if I ever

want children

explain I choose

to leave room

for those who can’t be

taken care of by family


His soft knotted ropes

were easier to answer

with my shoulder dug

into the light leather

couch in front

of pet cam and pet


the king bed is done

so His gf gets respect

He sees my domestic

side is why He asked

– you seem like you’d be good

at mothering or … maybe not 

My husband is

making rose water

from the bouquet

You bought Me

that’s when

I realize My

favorite colors

are the shades

of a healing bruise

did I post

that picture

on all My

social media

platforms so

You would

reach out

to Me please

care for Me

now because

You didn’t care

enough for Me

before so I

left on read

but now

I virtually

beg You to

still care or

show that

You did to

begin with

is that it or

do I want

changed like

I want

or are You

still married to

Your wife or

learned to be




with Yourself

Originally from Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area, KRISTINE is a Purdue University alum who double majored in English Literature and Creative Writing. Recently, she earned her MFA in Creative Writing (poetry) from City College of New York where she is an English Department adjunct. Publications her work have appeared or are forthcoming include Glass Poetry, Pink Plastic House, The Shallow Ends, Moonchild Magazine, Yes Poetry, Crab Fat Magazine, Philosophical Idiot, Barren Magazine, The New Southern Fugitive, and Flying Island Journal where she received a 2017 Pushcart Prize nomination. KRISTINE has also been a finalist in the 2020-21 Glass Poetry Chapbook Contest, Spring 2020 Flash Fiction Contest finalist for F(r)iction, and will be completing a writing residency with Poets Afloat in a near future.    

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