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Paintings by Maggie Sharar

"Iʼm a single mom of two wild babes. Una is 8 and Elliot is 5. I identify as a queer, witch, artist, fairy momma! I use my paintings to transmute the pain and energy of healing from trauma in the patriarchy. I have a history of abuse from men in my life and painting has always connected me to my higher self. I am also in recovery from alcohol and my work has supported my mental health more than ever in the last few years. I paint the Devine feminine. The form, the pussy, the sisterhood, and the power. My aim is to effect the viewer and create a connection. I conjure magic and healing with my work. I am also a childrenʼs book illustrator and fairy face painter. Working with children and with their energy helps me to connect with my inner child. We must look to children and remember to play with life! Lastly I am a birth worker. Birth work allows me to use my natural reiki energy to support birthing families. The vulnerability of birth is mind- blowing, humbling, and inspiring. My own birth experiences, the journey of breastfeeding, and raising my babies is present in my work as well. Being a queer woman in this world is so layered. I peel the onion and paint my discoveries."


A channel to the divine. A mother. A healer. A witch. A creator. This is Maggie Sharar. Her watercolor paintings illustrate lost and found souls. They invite you into a healing journey. A womanʼs truth. Her feminine portraits and forms embody sovereignty and the juicy experience of being human. Each piece holds the energy of trauma, love, sex, magic, healing, sisterhood, and connection. But most of all Maggieʼs work is a kinetic way to release energy. To feel the god particle and hold it in her hands. Maggie's creative journey began long ago in the land of sand and sun. Florida. There she grew up on nature coast soaking in the sights and sounds of cicadas, alligators, moccasins, and manatees. She attended Savannah College of Art and design in 2004. In 2007 the artist found herself in the Orlando area, there she got her feet wet showing in over 20 exhibitions with a series called The Birds. In 2010 the artist slowed down creatively and turned towards motherhood. When Maggieʼs daughter was 6 months old her young family made their way west to Seattle. In 2017 the artists world shifted when she became a single mom of two children and began her road to recovery from years of abuse. It was then she poured her heart back into her paintings. These works illuminate a lust to let go. To leave the physical body and find the roots of the subconscious. And then to come home to the body and heal with the wisdom from the universe. Mote It Be.

Artist IG: infinite_rebirth
Home page IG: mommamaggie

Home page FB: https:// maggie.sharar

Birth work FB: https:// SweetSparrowBirthServices/

Face painting FB : https:// willowmoondustevents/
Seattle Single Moms Recovery FB Group: https:// Seattle- Moms-448627702330060/

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