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Painting by Matamatanonofo Porter

Matamatanonofo Porter was born in 1991 in Honolulu, HI. As the youngest of three to an otherwise large Samoan family, the world always had a way of jeering at Porter with its vastness. She grew up all across the South Puget Sound area of Washington, graduated high school in Kent, and joined the Army National Guard. For 6 years she served as a combat medic in an aviation specialized brigade. Shortly after leaving the military in 2016 she knew that in her next chapter she had to move in pursuit of what she is most passionate about in life. Honoring that commitment Porter now creates art as authentically as she can - as often as she can. Her main influences are found in places that offer escape, such as Japanese anime, fantasy, science fiction novels, as well as spiritual/self exploration. Porter will enjoy drawing and painting on any material within reach, most often offering her work as gifts to those she loves.  She can be found on Instagram @redegg04 and on her website.

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