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Sami Ridge


Tie up garlands-

hang them      wherever

It’s Spring     and everyone’s

alight   with

a Pink    and   Thought

and ambition.  I’ll take it up;

hang my    dark  red


bits    in a (kind’ve)

deep harvest.


Unlike   foliage   we

     were not made  to 

suffer pink

I back my head    and feel

your chin    bend   in   branches.

I wonder about

what grows    from behind.


I wander forever what you are.


Everything solid passed

and we’re firm and

who can say what   walks

as we hang ourselves?


When I was small

my parents hired

some poor kid    to be

Barney for      a party-

My mom- fierce and sharp 

to “make it good for her.”

And on    our meeting       I

stood away

dazed at this

uncut violet lump

that looked       a little         like

one hero from tv; I could

conceive that 

         that was

the idea, that I was meant

to be a center of joy

to see fiction. 

But to everyone’s 

very grown-up


I wouldn’t budge.

He closed the space 

I tapped his       dumb nose

and ran.




When I could only hold

so much       vodka    and

want         and you

were done         onstage

I broke

through     the wire 

that kept me penned

aside- thoughtlessly

tapping a shoulder

and spilling out 


drops of praise. Making

you a hero. 


I shouldn’t touch. 

Sami is a multi-platform artist lurking the Seattle area. You can find updates for her work via Instagram (@orchid.noogie) until a website is born’d.  She’s pretty excited.

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