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Sami Ridge

Did you cast

a spell? Or
are you simply
the cycle of
river and
rose oil posed
as Roman lover?
I don’t expect
you true don’t
worry about it.
But if you
threw a globe
to wipe my world
I feel now
I see in blue, I
filter human, I
love the longest

Time is

digital multimedia zine

independent publisher

community for emerging artists

slippery when free
the ends of it a
twisting thing
out of water.
We made time but
it’s making me back
into something boxed
rather than boxing.
Time escapes.
Try to cut its coat
by measures and
you’ll never get your music.
Try to lay it dead on
a desk and it’ll call
up its friends.
Try to tame its edges
cut its teeth
and you’ll never
find your worth.

Green I’d pair

with Blush,
Helen and Paris in
mind; each doll
her groom
to groom but
me, now, I’m envy,
I’m Paris in America,
making tears
for structure.
Nothings free,
not the dolls, not
today, and of course
not we, disavowed
our pinks to give
poor souls
to white
and red.

Sami is a multi-disiplinary artist lurking the Seattle area. You can find updates for her work via Instagram (@samiridge) until a website is born’d.  She’s pretty excited.

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