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Starr Davis

For the Man Who Punched the Guy Who Groped Me on the 2 Train

Tell me, when you saw the old man touch me 

Did I remind you of your sister?


Did I look as naked as he made me feel?

The smells of abandonment on my neck, as it jerked


When your fist meets his jaw, and he fell

When the woman spills her coffee, and


The next stop is announced and 

I look at you and you at me


Tell me, maybe we are soulmates?


When you rush off the train, the 

drag of your dreads as the door closes


I think I miss you


If I asked your name would you tell me

If I were to kiss your knuckles would you allow me?


I've never been rescued before

would you believe that?


If I tell you to go back with me twenty years or tomorrow

Would you do it for me, again?

On My Nightstand

Chinese food I ordered two days ago

A plan b pill I bought this morning


There is no space for my Bible 

I need it next to me for provision


Glass of water to christen the cure

There are no breaks when I swallow


Soy sauce packets and Altoids. 

A clumsy condom


The shirt you peeled off me that missed the floor

The gold chain you never take off, over the lampshade


The syllables in your name

are enough for a haiku


Broke my celibacy in half for you


I balanced the stars on your back,

watched the river run dry on my skin


An inkless pen, balled napkins 

The backs to my earrings


Your dead phone, on top of 

notebook full of dead words


On top of the mess

The light runs dark inside my belly

When I Talked to My Ex-Boyfriend About How to Pick Fruit 

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Starr Davis is a poet, playwright and professional writer whose work has been featured in multiple literary magazines such as The Rumpus, Cosmonauts Avenue, and Transition Magazine. Her monologues, poetry, and short stories have awarded her literary fellowships such as The Brooklyn Poets Fellowship, Slice Literary Conference Fellowship, and The Eckerd College Scholarship. An MFA graduate from City College of New York, her work has been performed at The Billie Holiday Theatre, The CUNY Graduate Center, and Nuyorican Poets Café. She currently lives in the Bronx, NY. 

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