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Self, Her by Stephanie Preston

Self, Her. is a collection of things that I have held close to me. It’s been a while since I’ve created something for myself, I wanted to take this opportunity to create line art and share some of my story through it. Merging some of first love of self portraits and poetry with my new love of line art and floral design as well as sharing in my vulnerability in loving my body for who she is.


Stephanie is a multi-media artist, who has recently discovered a love for watercolor painting and the simplicity of line drawings. She enjoys creating pieces in hopes that it will inspire others to find passion in creating as well.

New York grown but her roots now settled in North Carolina with her husband. Growing up, Stephanie can always remember painting with her mom and her love for arts and crafts. Drawing dress designs for “future runway shows” with her childhood best friend. She feels as though art is a core memory for her childhood.

Stephanie had her career start in childcare, specifically providing behavioral therapy for children on the autism specturm. While busy in her now five year career, she hadn’t picked up a paint brush but once a year if she were lucky. Then this past year happened, living in a global pandemic. Stephanie was not working for two months straight. She painted and created almost everyday for those two months and reignited a passion she forgot she had. From their she launched her small business, Art Of Flowering. Creating watercolor family and pet portraits and custom art made to order.

Stephanie’s long term goal is to help others realize how important it is to have an artistic outlet for overall wellness. With her experience in child therapy, she wants to say “why stop art therapy for just children, and carry that over to adulthood”. She feels as though we are all created to create and have an artistic perspective and outlet in life. Whatever that may look like for that individual to harvest it deep from with in and let it out.

You can follower her journey on Instagram @ArtOfFlowering

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