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Issue 3 cover image cropped.jpg

Cover Drawing by Jun Osaki


Jun Osaki (pronouns they/them, alt. she/he) has been an artist most of their life and has had a tattoo practice since 2012. They make all kinds of art, enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences, listening to dreams, and hearing people's woes and joys. 

Jun identifies as Queer/demi-ace/trans/Genderfluid Japanese-American. They are an immigrant to Očhéthi Šakówiŋ/Anishinaabe territory (MN-mpls - source) and first-gen, as well as an only child of an immigrant. Jun grew up lower-middle class and is healing from childhood trauma. They are a survivor of assault and oppression, their life path is that of honesty and healing through self-work/therapy, education, and community-connection.

Instagram @ajunkysock

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