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Comics by tuffoverlord

"I started tuffoverlord comics as a cure to summertime boredom in August of 2018. At the time I needed an ongoing project that would not only keep me busy but would give me an avenue to just be creative and weird.


As the account has grown from just family and friends who followed it to actual people I have never met checking in everyday - the focus of the account shifted. 


What once was just a place to post simple doodles has now become an online community where people eagerly await to check in for the day’s comic -  what has been described as 'a small highlight of my day' - getting the excitement of seeing whose request was chosen.


tuffoverlord comics will be a continual ongoing project that hopefully will continue to grow while maintaining the fun community aspect."


tuffoverlord is an Instagram art account (@tuffoverlord) and artist that focuses on posting single panel comics everyday since inception (August 2018). The account started as tuffoverlord posting their own original content to growing into a submission based art account.


Followers of the account started sending “requests” for tuffoverlord to use as comic inspiration. tuffoverlord would then use these requests which ranged from single words to images, and occasional absolute nonsense - to make the single panel comics. 


No request is ever denied and all of the comics are made with black ink and colored pencil - occasionally they are made in microsoft paint.

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